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New Features and Updates

Check out a new O365 app: Bookings

Bookings has been added to the available Office 365 apps you have access to Bookings is a scheduling app, most often used for small business needs. It could be used for different purposes on campus, such as advising scheduling, office hours, and customer support teams to name a few. If you are in need of a scheduling application, learn more about Bookings here.

New Sensitive Information Guidelines

Not sure about how and where to store sensitive information in Office 365? Curious about which applications you should use for sharing sensitive information? The Information Security Office has created a new Sensitive Information Guidelines document to help alleviate those concerns. General guidelines and app-specific information make this a great resource to bookmark. Visit the Office 365 site here to read through the guidelines.

Next Office 365 Learning Event in September

The monthly learning event series will be resuming in September. We are taking August off to focus on the start of the Fall semester! The event will be on Friday, 9/14 from 11am-12pm in Rosenau Hall 133. The September event will be a demo of how you can use Office 365 in your daily work life. Feel free to share this learning event with your team members!

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Want to provide feedback?

Use the Microsoft UserVoice Community

Ever wanted to suggest a feature or see if a feature is in the works? The Microsoft UserVoice Community is a great tool to use. You can search for a feature or just scroll through the lists for specific apps and then vote on which features you would like to see.

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