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New Features and Updates

Stream to replace Video

Microsoft’s Video app in Office 365 will be replaced with Stream as the sole video service within the waffle. This transition requires no action from you, but if you have content in Video and are used to using that application, you will see that the content is moved to Stream once the transition is completed.

We don’t know the exact date when this will happen to UNC accounts, but Microsoft intends to wrap up a lot of the transitions before the end of 2018. If you have a lot of content in Video, you can read more about the transitionhere. If you are already using Stream, there will be no impact to you!

TLS 1.2 required on 10/31/18

Microsoft will require the use of TLS 1.2 for all connections to Office 365 after October 31, 2018. TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer be supported by Microsoft after this date. Most vendors are already requiring this updated encryption protocol, so the impact to UNC should be fairly minimal. You can read more about this change here.

Safe Computing @ UNC site launched

The Information Security Office has created a new site that contains information about how to protect your identity, devices, and University data. Check out the new site here.

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