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Office 365 Pro Plus vs. Office 2019: Not the same thing!

Office 365 Pro Plus is the subscription version of Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. With the Pro Plus version, you receive automatic updates and all of the new features Microsoft rolls out. The Pro Plus version also allows you to install on up to 5 mobile devices and 5 computers. Office 2019 is essentially a snapshot version of Office 365 Pro Plus and does not receive updates and new features automatically. Click here to see how to determine which version of Office you have.

Office 365 Program Services

  • Information sessions
  • Departmental consults
  • App demos

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Want to provide feedback?

Use the Microsoft UserVoice Community

Ever wanted to suggest a feature or see if a feature is in the works? The Microsoft UserVoice Community is a great tool to use. You can search for a feature or just scroll through the lists for specific apps and then vote on which features you would like to see.

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