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New Features and Updates

Customize small group and private chats in Teams

Using tabs to customize channels has been a popular feature within Teams for awhile, but you can also use tabs within chats outside of a Team collaboration space. If you have frequent private or small group chats and would like to keep notes, share files, or quickly reference a website, make use of the tab feature at the top of the chat conversation. By default, you will see the following tabs at the top of each chat:

  • Conversations
  • Files
  • Organization
  • Activity

You can use these tabs to help organize work and information with all your chat contacts. You can also add additional tabs, like OneNote or a website for a bigger productivity boost. Click here to read more info about using tabs in chats within the Microsoft Teams app.

Bookings app has several new updates

The scheduling app, Bookings, has had several recent updates that allow you to add more customization to your Bookings page as well as incorporating more productivity features. You can now customize the email confirmation message that is sent to customers who have booked appointments, so you can include things like important instructions or a cancellation policy. Exporting data from Bookings is now available, so you can export data from the previous 90 days and the next 90 days to better analyze possible trends. To read more about the Bookings app updates, click here.

Reuse slides in new PowerPoint presentations

Sometimes you need to reuse a slide from an ecisting PowerPoint presentation for a new presentation you are working on. There’s now an easier way to do this! When you create a new PowerPoint presentation, you will see an option to “Reuse Slide” when you click on “New Slide”. Selecting this will allow you to reuse a slide from any presentation you have on your device. Simply, select the presentation you’d like to retrieve a slide from and select as many of the slides you’d like to reuse. Click here to read more about this new feature.

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Want to provide feedback?

Use the Microsoft UserVoice Community

Ever wanted to suggest a feature or see if a feature is in the works? The Microsoft UserVoice Community is a great tool to use. You can search for a feature or just scroll through the lists for specific apps and then vote on which features you would like to see.
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