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3 core Office 365 apps to help you work from anywhere:

Email/Calendar via the Outlook web app brings your email and calendar into a browser. Easily access your emails, contacts, and calendars. Create, edit, and add meetings, appointments, and other events to your calendar.

Teams is a collaboration workspace that helps you engage with your team members via chat, online meetings, and file sharing. Teams is also a great way to connect student groups and small classrooms. To get started using Teams, click here.

OneDrive is an online file respository you can access from anywhere. Store individual files here and access files that have been shared with you, or that you have shared with others. To get started using OneDrive, click here.

How to have effective online meetings

There are many tools at UNC to use for online meetings (Teams, Zoom, etc.), so these tips can apply to whichever tool you choose to use.

  1. Turn on video. If possible, have meeting attendees turn on their video cameras. Seeing your co-workers can make online meetings run smoother and more efficiently especially when you are having multi-person conversations. Visual cues are really helpful!
  2. Thoughtful agendas. Make time for questions and comments in your agenda. Having time designated helps make sure everyone has a chance to voice their thoughts, questions, and concerns.
  3. Record the meeting if possible. Meetings can overlap and co-workers could have issues pop up with others at home, so recording and sharing after ensures everyone can gather the information they need.

Quick Tips

  1. Need to chat with a colleague or fellow student? Use the “Calls” feature in Teams to do a quick audio call. You can easily add video and screen sharing as needed.
  2. Block time on your calendar to do important tasks that you usually do at your desk. Being away from your desk can make it harder to remember your normal work routine, so building it into your calendar will help you with a new remote work routine.
  3. Office 365 does not require VPN access, just an internet connection.
  4. Take meeting notes in OneNote and share with your co-workers. Better yet, if you have a Team already created, the notes are already shared in the collaboration space.
  5. Add emojis, stickers, and gifs in team and one-on-one communications. During stressful situations and longer-term remote working, a smiley face goes a long way!

Resources from Microsoft

New to Office 365?

Check out our “Getting Started” Resources:

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