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Teams is a collaboration workspace that helps you engage with your team members via chat, online meetings, and file sharing. Several of the Office 365 Apps can be added as a tab into your Team space, so you can use Teams as your work hub, rarely needing to navigate away when working with your co-workers.




OneDrive for Business is your cloud-based storage space within Office 365. You have 1 TB of storage space to store all of your documents, spreadsheets, videos, photos, etc. Sensitive data can also be stored within OneDrive for Groups. You can read more about storing University-owned sensitive data here: Storing Sensitive Information in Office 365.




OneNote is a digital notebook where you can store notes and share them with your team. Edit the notes together, add to-do tags, insert spreadsheets, videos, and much more. OneNote allows you to create an interactive space for your team to keep all their notes for staff meetings, projects, and classes. The note are automatically saved and synced across your devices and you can even do a keyword search across your entire notebook.



SharePoint can be used to create internal websites (an “intranet”) for your department or project team. Store files in your SharePoint site and anyone on your team can access them. You can also add a OneNote notebook, calendar, and a project plan into SharePoint.