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OneNote is a digital notebook where you can store notes and share them with your team. Edit the notes together, add to-do tags, insert spreadsheets, videos, and much more. OneNote allows you to create an interactive space for your team to keep all their notes for staff meetings, projects, and classes. The note are automatically saved and synced across your devices and you can even do a keyword search across your entire notebook.




Word Online is a lightweight version of the same Microsoft Word application you’ve used for decades. Create, edit and update your documents using Word Online and your changes are saved automatically to Office 365. Need to edit a document before a meeting with a co-worker? Use Word Online and you can both edit the document together, seeing each other’s updates in real time.





Excel Online is a lightweight version of Microsoft Excel. Create a quick budget spreadsheet for the office party you are organizing, or update an existing spreadsheet during a meeting. You can also create simple graphs to insert into your spreadsheet right in your browser with Excel Online.





PowerPoint is a lightweight version of Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use to create a simple presentation deck. Edit with co-workers in real time so you don’t have to email the presentation back and forth. Use the Design Ideas button to see PowerPoint’s suggestions for different ways your presentation can be arranged.





Sway helps you take a blank canvas and turn it into a creative expression of your ideas. Sway’s design engine helps you quickly and easily produce professional, interactive, and visually appealing designs from images, text, documents, videos, and more. You can also modify the results to get the unique look and feel you want. Sway makes your creation look great in any browser, on any screen, and you can share it with your customers and colleagues by simply sending a link.