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With Office 365, there are new and improved services and apps available to you to help streamline your work productivity. We have compiled some of our favorite resources below for learning more about what’s possible with Office 365.

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Getting Started with Office 365

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  • Office Quick Starts
    •  Guided learning for all of your favorite Office suite applications, plus many of the productivity apps that come with Office 365. This page also contains downloadable guides for OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  • Office 365 Groups guide
    • Guidance on which applications you can use to create Office 365 Groups at UNC. Also provides which features you gain access to with an Office 365 Group.
  • Public, Private, Guest Access in Office 365 Groups
    • Guidance on the differences between public and private Office 365 Groups and the access a guest user has into a Group.